Affiliate Features

Hassle-free affiliate program with fast payouts.
All you need to do is refer clients using your unique referral link or a coupon code linked to your account.

Instant Signup
Fast Payouts
24/7 Partner Support
Recurring Income

Resell more than just Domains

An affiliate account gives you access to a large variety of products that you can offer and sell to your customers and can be integrated to your site easily. Get access to a Referral link, library of ready to use media banners/videos & promo codes

Web Hosting
Cloud/Dedicated Servers
Wordpress Hosting
Email Marketing
Web Security
Online Marketing
Security & Backup
Website Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Affiliate Program?

    Our Affiliate program is designed to help bloggers, coupons and review sites, internet marketers and influencers to earn a recurring & passive income by promoting's products. The products that we offer are used by most businesses & entreprenuers worldwide irrespective of the location, language and other factors. Hence they suit a wide variety of audience.

  • Do I need to have a hosting or domain product or be a customer of AEserver to be signup in the Affiliate program?

    Not at all! All you have to do is have a platform to promote our products (such as your social media channel, website, blog, podcast, etc) and by signing up on this page so you can activate your Affiliate account.

  • How much can I earn from this Affiliate program?

    You can earn unlimited income, depending on your site's traffic by displaying our banners or links. It will be tracked by a cooking (saved for 90 dayes) so that we can track your progress and income. You will earn anywhere between 10-70% of all invoice value that your client has paid. Our top affiliates earn more than AED 10,000 per month (US$2700+).

  • How often do you pay your affiliates?

    We payout within 90 days of sign up (provided the order remains active, is not fraud and not cancelled). The payout is done via bank transfer/cheque or paypal. You will have access to an online affiliate portal to track your revenue, signups & request withdrawals.

  • Does this applies to all the products?

    Currently, this applies to all Shared Hosting plans.

  • How can I know or track my referrals?

    After signing up, you will have access to an online portal to view your unique referral link, track signups, amounts, dates, order type, etc.