• 5GB Mailbox
  • Your own domain
  • Personal Contacts
  • SSL Security
  • Hosted in Dubai


  • 25GB Mailbox
  • Your own domain
  • Shared Contacts, Calendar, Tasks
  • SSL Security
  • Public Folders ActiveSync/Push
  • Hosted in Dubai


  • All Premium benefits, plus:
  • 50GB Mailbox
  • Archiving & Discovery
  • Legal Hold
  • Custom Retention Policies
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Hosted in Dubai

Why Choose Zimbra Email Solution?

Zimbra Suite for Business is a secure, managed Enterprise Email and calendaring service with support for existing desktop and mobile email clients.

Unlimited Aliases
Dubai Datacenter
Unlimited Distribution Lists
Secure Webmail

Zimbra Email Features

Zimbra Mail for Business incorporates the latest synchronization technologies that allow your users and customers to keep using Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. This is the ideal & more economical alternative to Exchange emails
Business Email with Enterprise class features
All your appointments in one place
Contacts & Search
Collaboration Re-defined

Your business email done right

Zimbra Business Email enables you to easily deliver highly secure and reliable email and collaboration capabilities to users.

The service provides strong security controls, support for existing desktop and mobile email clients, and allows basic internal and external document sharing with drive/file sharing.


All your appointments in one place

Easily collaborate with others with all your appointments all in one place. You will never be late again.

  • Day, Week, Work Week, Month, List, Schedule Views
  • Drag and drop events to change date, time or duration
  • Toggle visibility and color code multiple schedules and events
  • Mark events public, private, busy
  • Tag events for faster organization, share them with email, contacts

Contacts & Search

Easily manage contacts with different devices with steps that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

  • Search email, contacts, events, tasks and documents
  • Search within email bodies and over 200 different attachment types
  • Simple interface to quickly filter on common attributes or add complex logical operators
  • Offline capability easily provided with Zimbra Desktop or similar standards-based client

Collaboration Re-defined

Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience available today, connecting end users to the information and activity in their personal clouds.

  • Share Inbox mail folders, Address Book contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Briefcase folders and files
  • One standardized sharing UI, which is integrated with Global Address List (GAL)
  • Choose internal (read, manage or administrative access) or external publishing (view only with password or public URL)
  • Available settings to users are all Administrator configurable

Next level collaboration that will significantly increase your company’s productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Zimbra Email?

    Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a collaborative software suite that includes an email server and a web client.

  • Is Zimbra email POP or IMAP?

    Zimbra IMAP/POP Proxy allows end users to access their Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) account using end clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other POP/IMAP end client software.

  • Where is my Zimbra email being hosted?

    Zimbra email service is a hosted solution on our servers. At this time we offer Zimbra hosting out of our Dubai based Data centers. We can also install a custom Zimbra instance on your own server, in the cloud or on premise. The choice is yours.

  • Can I use my own domain name with Zimbra?

    Definitely! Once you sign up, you will have the option to register, transfer or use your existing domain for the email. The email configuration is done using the MX records setup in the DNS.